Grace Hari

Capture the moment

About Grace

I feel most happy when I am connected to nature’s beauty and surrounded by my beloved family. Flowers transport me to another reality of divine beauty and magic. In my paintings I try to capture my appreciation for the sublime shapes, colours and sensations of nature’s creations.

When I was a child I remember the tables at home always brimming with fresh tropical fruit from the local farmers market. My mother was a potter who made large ceramic bowls and always managed to fill them up abundantly for her six children. I moved from Tropical North Queensland to Sydney to study classical drawing and painting at the Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney where I was awarded the Thea Proctor Scholarship. I graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art in 2002. Many years have passed and I have enjoyed pursing my passion for peace, learning and education.

I completed this set of recent paintings whilst surrounded in Queensland’s summer warmth by the people I love. The trees were dripping with tropical fruit and picking these fruits filled me with a profound feeling of joy. I found myself expressing this joy through painting. Walking in nature every morning and then returning to my mother’s cottage to paint I felt free to focus on capturing the joy and beauty I felt. I hope you enjoy viewing my paintings as much as I enjoyed creating them.